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Powder Coating vs. Anodizing

Powder Coating vs. Anodizing

Powder coating – Durable and resistant to chipping, fading and scratching

Powder coating is an increasingly popular finishing choice due to its eco-friendliness and its pollutant-free composition. Another popular choice – anodizing – offers a variety of advantages as well. Here, we’ll discuss the two options and their various performance benefits.


  • Powder coating is an organic finish and does not require any solvent to keep its filler parts and binding agents in liquid suspension form. It can be electrically applied in a dry powder format and can withstand high temperatures. Powder coating is typically considered a slightly less abrasion-resistant finishing option when compared to anodizing.


  • Anodizing involves the creation of different colour batches that are then applied to the surface of the metal object. Occasionally, with anodizing, there will be colour match and consistency discrepancies – an issue that is far less likely to occur with powder coating. Though anodizing is typically the more expensive finishing option, the colour selection is nearly unlimited and can be enhanced with additional finishing options such as gloss and metallizing.

Advantage of Anodizing

  • Durable: Anodizing creates a protective coating of aluminum oxide on the aluminum metal surface. The thicker the coat, the more durable the application.
  • Rich appearance: The anodic coating is translucent which gives the aluminum a richer metallic appearance.
  • Weather resistant: Anodized aluminum is unaffected by UV rays and harsh weather conditions.

Advantages of Powder Coating

  • Variety of Applications: Unlike anodizing (which can only be applied to aluminum), powder coating can be applied to any type of metal.
  • Excellent for interiors: The aesthetic capabilities and performance properties of powder coating make it an excellent option for creating diverse, durable interior designs.
  • Heat resistant: Powder coated metals offer excellent resistance to high temperatures.
  • Environmentally-friendly: Absolutely no VOCs are emitted during the powder coating process.