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For AAMA applications, the warranty provided by the powder suppliers and Byers Bush Powder Coating Inc. is dependent on the application of the metal being powder coated. Please contact us to get a project specific warranty as they vary from powder supplier to powder suppliers. Byers Bush Powder Coating Inc, coating solutions provide warranty against scratch, abrasion, chipping & sunlight effect.

Warranty secures your product &years to its life

The warranty is for a period of three years from the date of the original application of powder coating by Byers Bush Powder Coating Inc. If the products are not previously painted then the following warranty is applied:

  • New products made from first quality, new Galvalume, new Galvanized Steel. Not for products made from cast aluminum or cast iron.
  • New products made from zinc plated iron & new properly galvanized iron.
  • New products made from new cold rolled steel but only if used and/or stored indoors, and not if used and/or stored outdoors.

Should any powder coating applied by Byers Bush Powder Coating Inc fail, Byers Bush Powder Coating Inc warrants it will, at their discretion, reapply the powder, repair the existing coating, or issue a pro-rated credit. The pro-rated credit is 100% in the first year, 67% in the second year and 33% in the third year on the original purchase price of the powder coating.

In case of choosing the pro-rated option the amount will be based on the original cost at the date of purchase. In no event shall Byers Bush Powder Coating Inc be obligated or liable for special, direct, incidental, consequential, aggravated exemplary, punitive or other damages of any kind for the breach of any express or implied warranty.


While engaging or using our services, the customers automatically receive the benefits of Warranty. With us you get assurance of the following:

1. Our Warranty covers only the defects as specified herein this webapge.

2. Byers Bush Powder Coating Inc. will not be responsible for any costs, defects or damages with respect to the delivery, assembly, transport, installation, removal, reinstallation, repair of any products or components.

3. No warranty for unauthorized use - In any manner the adjustment or tampering with a Byers Bush Powder Coating Inc. coating by any unauthorized or unknown person whatsoever including painting, will void this warranty.

4. Not include previously coated products - This Warranty shall not cover products that have been previously coated by other liquids, chromates, powders, ultra-violet coatings, or any other type of simple or hard coating.

5. No other damage Covered - This Warranty does not cover any other damage or material failure, caused by any of the following:
  • Occurrences beyond the control of Byers Bush Powder Coating Inc, such as: the use of chemicals, incompatible accessories, solutions or treatments. Storage or installation of the product in an environment that includes high humidity, sand, dirt, or grease, contact with windblown objects, contact with vegetation including brush, contact with animals or animal waste, vines, and sap from trees, unreasonable use, improper or faulty installation, failure to provide reasonable maintenance, fire, food, re-installation, chemical pollutants, normal weathering, lightning, or high winds, hurricanes, ice dams, icicles, earthquakes and/or ice storms, atmospheric conditions or weather of catastrophic nature, intentional acts, vandalism, acts of God, fading, discoloration, change in appearance or non-uniform appearance over time in outdoor installations.
  • The adhesion of chicken wire or other similar substance to the product.
  • The use of landscape or gardening equipment or chemicals that may cause damage and/or water sprinklers with high mineral content.
  • Products which have been altered or modified, or used in a manner not originally intended, or have been cut or welded, or stored contrary to good industry practice.
  • Failure to follow any and all maintenance instructions provided by Byers Bush Powder Coating Inc. at the time of sale to the original purchaser.
  • Exposure to heavy salt spray, scratching, abrasion, impact, heavy Ultra Violet light.

6. The Only Warranty - This Warranty is the only "Warranty provided by Byers Bush Powder Coating Inc" and no other warranties or conditions, statutory or otherwise shall be implied. No representative, agent, employee or any other person, has authority to assume or incur on behalf of Byers Bush Powder Coating Inc. any obligation, liability or responsibility in place of or in addition to this Warranty, or modify or extend this warranty in any manner.

7. This warranty shall be governed by and construed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Province of Ontario without regard to its conflict of laws rules.

8. This Warranty subject to the disclaimers, inspection, exceptions, certification, terms and conditions contained herein. Any Notice of claim under this warranty shall be sent to Byers Bush Powder Coating Inc. in writing together with proof of purchase, photographs of the products and current site conditions, and shall specify the nature of the defect with when it was first observed. Byers Bush Powder Coating Inc. shall have the right to inspect the product where located, prior to accepting the Claim. The purchaser shall be responsible for all costs associated with removal, disassembly and delivery of the product to Byers Bush Powder Coating Inc, and for freight, assembly, and installation of the product after Byers Bush Powder Coating Inc has finished with it.

At Byers Bush, our service meets the following features - environmental compliance, economy, energy savings, efficiency and excellence of finish.

We are the right choice to meet all your metal finishing needs in accordance to meet demands of today's demanding consumers.

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