Powder Coating vs. Anodizing

Powder coating - Durable and finish resistant to chipping, fading and starching

Powder coating is becoming popular among people as it eco-friendly and pollution-free. But the fact is, both anodizing and powder coating have advantage and disadvantage.

We have discussed below on advantage and disadvantage of both the coatings.

More finish with time and more consistency without any pollution. Powder coating does not require any solvent to keep filler parts and binder in liquid suspension form.

It can be applied in dry powder to electrically form and can be heated on high temperature and coating has different properties than anodizing including the fact that it's not as abrasion resistant.

Anodizing involves creation of different color batches before applying it to the surface and sometimes issues come over with the color match and consistency.

Quite costly as compare to powder coating which highly supports clear and high-standard color match without any drift problem and allow coaters to select and apply different colors easily.

Choice of color is unlimited, from matt to metallic and from high gloss to low gloss finish.

Even some organic coatings have outstanding weather-ability which are highly used for exterior architectural applications.

Liquid paints cannot be applied without solvents and mixtures which stand as the biggest disadvantage over powder coating technique.

Advantage of Anodizing

An electro-chemical process which involves to form a protective coating of aluminium oxide on the aluminium metal surface.

The more the thickness of anodic coating the more it stays longer without any scratch. It is translucent (although this property can create contributes to color variation problems) which gives aluminium a richer, metallic appearance.

Forms Weather resistant covering

The significant feature which makes this process stand at high point as compare to powder coating is it remains unaffected by UV rays, sunlight and other weather conditions.

Harder than PVDF, it cannot be peeled or flaked as it actually becomes the part of the metal. When dirt and stains accumulate it look like chalking paint.

However it needs strong protection form acidic attacks as it may succumb to acidic pollutants.