High Performance Powder Coating

Byers Bush is excited to be able to offer the first technology of this kind in Canada. The InoBell® Powder Bell Sprayer is a high transfer efficiency applicator that offers extreme uniformity and high finish quality.

Offering a powder sprayer solution that provides paint savings, but also a quality finish with easy integration. It allows the application of powder paint on all types of surfaces with a particular effectiveness on flat surfaces.

One of the benefits of the InoBell® is that the spray pattern can be the size of 2 to 3 guns. The powder flow of the InoBell® can be twice as much as a gun. Uniformity across the part is the best with InoBell®.

The technology used with InoBell®’s Powder Bell Sprayer is based on a rotating electrode associated with a counter electrode, which allows for maximum powder charge. This new technology will provide a quality finish, that will enhance the look and finish of the powder paint. This new technology is particularly suited for the following types of industrial sectors:

  • Metallic furniture
  • Wood Furniture, MDF
  • Metallic panels, suspended ceilings
  • Radiators
  • Fencing/gates
  • Automotive
  • Generally on all types of flat surfaces

The product results have been outstanding, with the quality finish meeting the most stringent and tight D.O.I. (Distinctiveness of Image).

Offering a single control module, the InoBell® Powder Bell Sprayer allows clear and visual interfaces that are easily accessible and adjustments are simplified. Allowing uniform adjustments to spray powder flow rate, preset rotation turbines, and 9 spray presets ensures that your finish will exceed your expectations. The uniformity and design of the powder sprayer ensures the highest quality finish because of its ability to penetrate into deeper recesses.

Byers Bush is excited to be able to offer our clients the quality, integrity, and finish for their powder coating needs. For more information or a complimentary consultation, please contact us immediately at 905-625-4334 or request at quote.